Friday a Saturday Dress Code

  • Jeans permitted.
  • Casual/designer sneakers permitted.
  • No athletic wear.
  • No timberlands.
  • No athlete sneakers. eg. Nike, Adidas
  • No fitted caps.
  • No sagging pants.
  • No hoodies.
  • No all white tees.
  • No visible undergarments.
  • no oversized handbags.
We appreciate you and thank you for understanding.

Wednesday and Thursday dress code.

  • Relaxed attire permitted.
  • Athletic shoes permitted.
  • No timberlands.
  • No sagging jeans.
  • No hoodies.
  • No oversized handbags.
We appreciate you and thank you for understanding.

How long are the shows?

Our shows are now only Fridays from 7pm-10pm

Do I need to print my ticket?

Printing your ticket is optional and may expedite your entrance.  

I purchased multiple tickets for a group. Can they be seated before my arrival?

Yes. Please print, email or screen shot the specific ticket(s) to your guest(s) for presentation to attendant upon arrival.  Make sure the seat assignment and barcode are clearly visible.

Can I call in my reservation?

People can call for VIP sections and tables. But for shows, tickets should be purchased in advanced online or in person during operating hours" 

Is there a drink or food purchase minimum?

No. However, we do charge 18% gratuity for parties over 5 and VIP parties.

What is your policy on taking drinks back?

When ordering alcohol, know what you are ordering, we do not take back drinks.

What time does your kitchen close?

Kitchen service ends 30 minutes before closing.

How do I purchase tickets?

Legacyliveva.com or stop by the venue Wed through Sat 5PM – 10PM. 
 Is there an age requirement? Age limit is 30 and up. 

How do I book a large party or rent one of the VIP areas for my special occasion?

Yes. Contact our Event Coordinator @Info@Legacyliveva.com Or you may speak directly to the General Manager. All parties and VIP booking deposits are non refundable if canceled less than 2 days of event day.

Can I visit the bar ?

Yes they can. They don’t have to leave prior to performance unless seating is already reserved.

Is there an age requirement?

 Age limit is 25 and up for Ladies. 30 and up for Men. 

Can I bring a birthday cake?

Can I bring a birthday cake?
We love birthday parties, however, outside food and beverages are not permitted.  Birthday cakes are only permitted when renting one of our VIP sections.  See event coordinator for details.

How do I get a refund if I miss the show?

Once a ticket has been purchased, there are no refunds, exchanges or credits.  Please see terms and conditions printed on your ticket.

How can I get my band booked at Legacy Live?

Email your EPK to the talent coordinator Jay@Legacyliveva.com You will be contacted when there is an availability.